Frequently Asked Questions



Is there an easy way to remember how to put on a stretchy wrap?


Yes you can remember how to put on your stretchy wrap by remembering "A hug and two kisses"


Take a look at my viedo on the right for a reminder >>>



My baby feels too heavy for my stretchy wrap. Is there a different carry I can try to get it to last a bit longer?


Yes, you could try a Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC) with your stretchy wrap to get longer use out of it.


        Take a look at my video to see how it's different  >>>>


Sometimes when babies reach about 4-5 months your stretchy wrap might feel like its sagging down a bit under baby's weight, the FWCC lets you tighten more of the stretch out of the fabric than the standard Pocket Wrap Cross Carry (PWCC) that you find in most stretchy wrap instructions.


Remember to keep three layers of fabric over baby with a stretchy!

Can I use a Connecta for my small baby?


Yes the Connecta can be adapted for a smaller baby from when their legs aren't scrunched up in the 'froggy' position anymore. As the Connecta has an unpadded waist you can roll the waistband to shorten the height of the panel and then also cinched in the panel for a baby with shorter legs.


Take a look at this video which shows you how I do it.

This is also suitable if you have just moved on from a baby sized Connecta to a toddler sized one.

How old does baby have to be before they can go on your back?


The general guideline is when they are sitting unaided (so approx 6 months), however I believe that in certain carriers it is possible from when they have good head and upper body control (particularly in a SSC or mei tai using the 'hip scoot inside carrier' method in the video below). Please feel free to contact me if you'd like to book some one to one help with learning to back carry.



I've never used a sling before and I have a heavy 10 month old, can I back carry straight away?


Yes I'm happy to show you how to back carry in a buckled carrier straight away if you have an older baby. This needs to be through a one to one consultation rather than a sling meet as they can get busy and it's not the right environment for 100% concentration. 


If you want to use a different type of sling, for example a mei tai, woven wrap or ring sling I would recommend that you get use to using the sling for a front carry frist. This way you can learn the skills required for that particular type of sling before moving on to the more advanced back carry.

How do you put a baby or toddler onto your back in a Soft Structured Carrier (SSC)?


Take a look at this YouTube video that I've made which shows the method that I like to use. This is how to hip scoot with the child INSIDE the carrier. 

If you've been to a consultation with me this is the method that I would have shown you.


How do you get baby nice and high in a back carry in a SSC?


This video shows some good tips for this too:

  • Start with the waist band as high as you can get it.

  • Tilt baby's pelvis so that they don't slump down when you bounce them into the seat and pull up on the shoulder straps.